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A Golden Opportunity: Riyadh's Growing Demand for Grade A Office Spaces

A Golden Opportunity: Riyadh's Growing Demand for Grade A Office Spaces

In the heart of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh stands as a city with a magnetic appeal, drawing the world’s attention. As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia spreads its welcoming arms to global entities, it’s opening the doors to a wealth of opportunities for real estate developers. Central to this allure is the growing need for premium, Grade A office spaces.


Capitalizing on a Regional Headquarters Program

One of the major catalysts for this growing demand is Saudi Arabia's Regional Headquarters Program. This initiative has been strategically designed to entice international entities to establish their presence within the Kingdom's borders. The program offers a bouquet of incentives to qualified companies, including simplified procedures for obtaining visas and work and residency permits for employees. Moreover, it allows spouses under the family residency to seek employment and extends the age limit of employees' dependents to 25 years, creating a highly attractive environment for foreign professionals.

A Hunger for Quality

The exceptional growth in demand has triggered nearly full occupancy of Grade A office spaces. According to a report by the renowned real estate consultancy Knight Frank, occupancy levels for these spaces have soared to an impressive 98%. This overwhelming response speaks to the heightened appeal of Riyadh as an international business hub.

The Global Resonance

The driving force behind this surge in demand is Saudi Arabia's HQ program, which has already enticed over 44 international companies since 2021 to commit to establishing their regional headquarters in Riyadh. These companies are not just setting up shop; they are bringing a wealth of professionals, families, and businesses along with them, stimulating further economic growth and community development.

Investing in the Future

For real estate developers, this growing demand represents a golden opportunity. The need for Grade A office spaces isn’t merely about supplying office spaces; it's about investing in a brighter and more prosperous future. With an increasing number of companies now choosing Riyadh as their home, it's time for developers to roll up their sleeves and deliver office spaces that embody sustainability, innovation, and growth.



Riyadh's trajectory toward becoming a global business epicenter is no longer a vision; it's unfolding before our eyes. As the city's demand for Grade A office spaces continues to surge, real estate developers have a significant role to play. They are responsible for crafting the spaces that will serve as the foundation for international business excellence. This is an opportunity to embrace innovation, invest in sustainable development, and cater to the evolving needs of global professionals.


As we continue to monitor Saudi Arabia’s remarkable journey, there's no better time than now to immerse yourself in the opportunities and insights offered by the global real estate community. Join us at the 42nd FIABCI Global Leadership Summit this December and be part of the transformation taking place in the Kingdom.

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